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Dinner Menu


Grilled Whole Squid 15

w/spicy pepper aioli

Wagyu Beef Gyozas 15

homemade American beef with black vinegar sauce

Fried “salt pepper” Chicken Karaage 12

all natural chicken breast w/spicy garlic aioli

Roasted Shishito Peppers 10

lemon, salt

Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts 10

shichimi pepper, lemon, yuzu, aioli

Grilled Pork Chops 14

marinated pork chops w/ Japanese pickles 

Japanese “Tater Tot” Croquettes 9

mashed potato bites w/ spicy aioli

Hamachi Kama 16

grilled yellowtail collar w/ponzu

Grilled Short Ribs 17

marinated short ribs w/ Japanese pickles

Tuna Poke Tostadas 15

gyoza chips topped w/tuna, avocado, pineapple & sesame and spicy aioli

Tuna “bori bori” Cakes 11

spicy tuna on crispy rice cakes

Hamachi Serrano Sashimi 15

yellowtail w/thinly sliced serrano peppers & truffle ponzu

Seared Albacore Tataki 15

albacore tuna, daikon sprouts, shaved sweet onion, scallion, tobiko and garlic ponzu


Wakame Salad seaweed 6
Miso Soup
tofu, seaweed, scallion, mushroom 4

Clam Miso Soup tofu, clam, scallion 7


Edamames boiled soybeans, shio sea salt 6
Hot & Garlic
sautéed w/red chili, garlic 8
Black Truffle
sautéed w/black truffle sesame 10

Aburi Style Nigiri

Chefs slightly flame sear each piece with a blow torch to bring out the natural oil and flavor
* Chefs say please NO soy sauce needed *
2 pieces per order

Sake Toro topped w/scallop, black truffle salt 17

Scallop spicy aioli, pickled wasabi 15
Blue Fin Toro
aged soy, fried onion 19
Hamachi Toro daikon oroshi, pickled wasabi 15

Wagyu Beef A5, JP 26

Nigiri & Sashimi

Nigiri 2 pcs/ Sashimi 3 pcs/ 5 pcs

O-toro blue fin belly 16/23/36
tuna 9/13/16
Shiro Maguro
albacore tuna 9/13/16

Saba mackerel 8/12/14 

Aji horse mackerel 10/14/19
stuffed tofu skin 5

Sake salmon, Atlantic 9/13/16

Umi Masu ocean trout 10/14/19

Hamachi yellowtail 9/13/16
escolar 8/12/16
sea urchin, Santa Barbara 19

Unagi fresh water eel 9/13/16

Madai Japanese tai 10/14/19
sweet shrimp w/fried heads 14
sea scallop, Hokkaido 11/15/20

Ikura salmon roe 9

Mixed Sashimi

10 assorted slices of tuna, yellowtail, salmon & albacore 38
assorted slices of toro - blue fin, yellowtail, albacore & salmon 42
slices of today’s fresh fish selected by the Chef 62

Omakase Nigiri

8 pieces of Chef’s choice 48
pieces of Toro Tasting – 1 piece of each: blue fin, yellowtail, salmon, albacore 32

Old School Rolls

Shrimp Tempura 9
avocado, cucumber, tobiko, lettuce, spicy aioli

Sake Avocado 9
salmon, avocado, sesame

Crunchy Sapporo 11
crab, eel, almond, wasabi tobiko

California 10
snow crab, avocado, tobiko

Rock & Roll 9
grilled eel, avocado, sesame

Spicy Tuna 9
tuna, cucumber, lettuce 
add crispy potato bits +1

Hawaii 10
tuna, avocado, almond, sesame

49er 10
yellowtail, avocado, scallion, tobiko

Ichiban 12
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado,

cucumber, lettuce, sesame, tempura flakes

Kappa 7 cucumber    Avocado 7

Signature Rolls

OMG Sapporo 18

tuna, avocado, almond, topped w/crab meat, seared Hokkaido scallop, pineapple w/toasted coconut, spicy aioli


Snoop  17

asparagus, chu-toro, topped w/ grilled beef, sweet onion, scallion and garlic ponzu 

Beatles 17

spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, topped w/layers of salmon, shaved sweet onions, scallion, sesame ponzu

Black Angel 16

snow crab, scallops, scallion, spicy aioli, w/salmon, avocado, black tobiko

Hokkaido 16

shrimp tempura topped w/Hokkaido scallop, crab, smashed avocado, tobiko, scallion, crispy potato bits

Mt. Fuji 18

freshwater eel, avocado, topped w/spicy crab, salmon, tuna, avocado, tobiko, bonito flakes

Rocket Queen 17

snow crab, tempura shrimp topped w/seared hamachi, jalapeño, spicy aioli

Flying Beer 15

spicy tuna, asparagus, topped w/albacore, scallion, garlic ponzu

Amigos 14

tuna, yellowtail, eel, cucumber, avocado, wasabi tobiko, soy glaze

Rainbow 15

california roll topped w/layers of assorted fish

The Rolling Stones 16

tuna, salmon, asparagus topped w/avocado & crispy garlic

Queen 14

shrimp tempura topped w/spicy tuna, avocado, tobiko

Giants 15

avocado, shiso, topped w/salmon, lemon slice

Osaka 15

shrimp tempura, topped w/crab, avocado, jalapeno, tobiko, spicy aioli

Spider 15

crispy soft-shell crab, avocado, tobiko, lettuce

Garden 14

crispy asparagus, crispy garlic, avocado, sesame

Hand Rolls

Special order available upon request

Toro Uni 15

chopped blue fin toro, uni, ikura & scallion

Baked Crab 10

snow crab, crispy potato bits, sesame, spicy aioli rolled w/soybean paper 

*Consuming raw or under cooked food may increase the risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

Toro Tasting
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